A comprehensive evaluation software that helps school based speech pathologists accelerate their reporting process.

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With a comprehensive evaluation software that helps school based speech pathologists accelerate their reporting process.

  • Do you lack the time to work with teachers, parents, and students?
  • Are you stuck writing reports instead of focusing your time on students?
  • Do you waste time searching for and/or refining standard find and fill templates?
  • Do you wish you had a more efficient report writing process?
  • Are you overwhelmed and drained by your caseload?

  • Are you fed up with your paperwork responsibilities?


  • Access the comprehensive smart templates you need
  • Create legally defensible reports
  • Feel confident using a software suite that is HIPAA & FERPA compliant
  • Stop looking up your percentiles and descriptors, and stressing over pronouns in your report
  • Gain increased efficiency and accuracy in your assessments and reporting
  • Provide parent-friendly reports that include clean tables and graphs
  • Spend more time with students
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With ClickReport, you can…

Join the 1000+ current members and access the smart templates and tools you need to streamline your reporting process.

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As a decision maker, enable your evaluators to become more efficient and increase district staff retention.

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Made by School Based Practitioners…
For Speech Pathologists

It is so hard when you are mentally drained at the end of the day with mounds of paperwork to take home. You deserve to make a bigger impact, but you are ill-equipped with the current systems in place. My name is Jenna and I have been YOU…I know how it feels. The work that you do is so important, but with all the time you spend writing reports you’re unable to focus on why you became highly specialized and started working in the education sector in the first place. After spending 4+ years serving students, as a school psychologist, I decided to create ClickReport because I knew there had to be a better way. After creating one of the most successful report writing platforms for school psychologists and receiving 100’s of requests about developing these tools for speech pathologists I partnered with speech pathologists to do just that. This site is a collaborative effort between speech pathologists and myself that is designed to deliver you the tools you need to make your job BETTER. My hope is that this group can benefit from streamlining their reporting processes just like the school psychologists who used the original platform that was developed. I believe you deserve to love what you do and do what you love. Join the 1400+ happy members using ClickReport today!

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Implement the evaluation software and get exactly what you need for the reports in half the time.



Become a more efficient and empowered speech pathologist and get back to doing what you love.

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“This is an excellent tool for speech paths, I very much dislike the amount of paperwork we have to do but now I feel like I can really get ahead and focus on other parts of the job that I prefer. Thanks ClickReport!”

Misty in Columbia, SC

“This is a great resource for speech pathologists, it quickly writes up a report and gives a table and bell curve by just entering in one score, def saves a ton of time and looks really clean, would def recommend this to anyone looking to speed up report writing. I love the eligibility worksheets too!”

Tanner, Round Rock, TX

“I met the person who founded this company at a conference and she was so open to feedback! I love that this resource is available and keeps growing, the site seems to be updated all the time with new “smart” templates and tools. ”

Stephanie, Boston, MA

If you’re like most speech pathologists, you’re spending a ton of time completing assessments for your students. You need to find a way to conduct each assessment efficiently and accurately, but don’t know where to turn. Look no further. ClickReport offers a comprehensive evaluation software that will help you streamline your report writing process so you can stop taking work home and have the time to make a bigger impact with your students. Get access today. Why? Because you deserve to have a work-life balance while making a big impact on your students. With ClickReport, you can have both.